Keep On Reading

Now that we are all home, we can’t go to the library or bookstore to get new books! Here are some apps to help you keep reading!

1. Libby by Overdrive

Meet Libby. When you first open Libby It’s gonna ask you a couple questions. Follow these steps:

1. Take out your library card.

2. Open the Libby app.

3. Find your library.

4. Search, sample, borrow, enjoy!

2. Epic!

Epic! is an online reading app for kids 12 and under. Epic! has 35,000 books for kids to enjoy with quizzes and videos. Wanna learn to make slime? Search it up and you’re all set.

3. Audible

Audible has many audiobooks to please users. Discover famous audiobooks that you have always wanted for only $21.49. Grab your headphones and start listening!

4. Amazon Kindle

Read anytime, anywhere. On the bus, on your break, in your bed, you never have to be without a book. Kindle ebooks you have purchased on your Amazon account will automatically show up in your app.

5. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

This amazing reading app for kids gives you a wide variety of books for ages 13 and under. Amazing, right! Chapter books, picture books, you name it!

Download any of these books on Google Play or the app store. Stay reading, Ali.

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