Hurty Feelings by Helen Lester

Fragility was a solid piece of work. She is very sensitive. But when Rudy comes and tries to take away her fun, will she be able to control her sensitive feelings and stand up for hereself?

I think Hurty Feelings is a very good book because she learns that people are just trying to be nice when the say, “Fragility what sturdy legs you have”, or “Fragility what small ears you have”. In conclusion I like this book so much and thanks Helen Lester for writing it!

Rating: 5 Stars

Published: 2004, by Helen Lester

Genre: Fiction, Children’s literature

2 thoughts on “Hurty Feelings by Helen Lester

  1. Sounds like a great book to read to my class—-next year! I will have to look for it at my library. Thank you!

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