Recked by Otillie M

Hello fellow bookworms! One of my BFFs Tilly, is writing a book called Recked. Here is a little snippet of her book. More will be on my blog tomorrow. Enjoy!


By Tilly M


My name is Lila Aqua, a 12 year old girl who sails in the deep blue! I was one of the greatest 12 year olds in the country . Until one day something happened…………

Chapter 1

My week started out amazing. I was winning every practice race and nailing my studies for school! My coach said that I will be a representative for our yacht club at a race! I was so excited, the race would be on Friday. I was practicing every time I had free time making sure everything was perfect. I swear my parents thought I was psycho! This was a HUGE DEAL!

The Next Day……..

The only thing I could think about was sailing,sailing,and more sailing. In only 3 days it will be FRIDAY!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Recked by Tilly M.

Happy Reading,


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