Recked by Otillie M

Hello bookworms! Here is the 2nd chapter to Recked, by my friend Tilly. Enjoy

Chapter 2

This week was most definitely a roller coaster. Ok so maybe I got a 79 or 2 this week but I had bigger things on my mind. It was Wednesday when my mother got a email saying the race would be postponed to next Friday.:( I was feeling as if my work went into nothing but later on realized that it wasn’t going into nothing. I started working harder on my work at school and every now and then practice sailing. My grades were 100s and I was definitely nailing practice. It was finally Thursday night which meant tomorrow will be the day.

Chapter 3 will be added either later today or tomorrow.

Link to Chapter 1:

Recked by Otillie M

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✌️☮️Happy late peace day everyone!! ☮️✌️

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