Beading by Bria

Are you looking for a cute choker to go with the new outfit you got a couple of days ago? Are you looking for a beautiful bracelet for your daughter’s birthday? Boy, do I have the business for you!

Beading by Bria is an online shop made by the one and only Ambria W. As soon as you order one of her products she gets right to making your jewelry. Do you want to make something as cool as she does? Make your own piece of art by buying her jewelry kit.

Here are a couple of her amazing designs:

Polly Bead Necklace
Polly Bead Necklace
Make Your Own Jewelry
Clay Beaded Bracelet
Clay Beaded Bracelet

Click HERE to visit Ambria’s Etsy Store

Tiktok: @beadingbybria

Instagram: @beadingbybria


That’s all I have for today but be sure to check out her store!


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